Create Disability-Themed AI Art, Win a Gift Card

We want to see your best artistic creations using the mind-blowing recent advancements in artificial intelligence. Share your best disability-inspired AI art on Instagram for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card and possibly be featured in an upcoming New Mobility article.

Whether you’re a trained artist or a novice, you can leverage AI image creators to produce visually interesting results. Pete Aviles, a paraplegic business owner and designer, has been playing with different AI generators for the past six months. His favorite platform is Midjourney, a year-old generator that allows you to upload photos and give prompts to guide the image creation.

“You can make visionary art, or you can make it look like a real photograph,” he says. “I’m creating stuff for my work and for myself.” Aviles has found AI to be a boon to his creativity.

Since the first beta tests for AI generators went online, the programs have advanced to better depict mobility equipment. Aviles says that early generators would often put the front caster wheels in the back of the chair, like they didn’t understand what a wheelchair looked like. “That was a big problem at the very beginning, but now more of the wheelchairs actually do look right.”

Maybe your creations and feedback will help AI improve even more. Try out Midjourney, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion or one of the other AI generators — most of which are free — and then use the hashtag #NewMobilityAI to enter your masterpieces in our contest. The deadline is June 30. Finalists will be shared on social media — opens in a new windowfollow us on Instagram.